Sunday, January 27, 2013

Spring 2013

Well, another semester is now in full swing!

I am again at the maximum course load for graduate students, but I actually very much enjoy all of my classes so far. I finished up the "core" library courses last semester, so now I'm just taking courses for my specializations (special libraries and academic libraries). I'm far enough along in the program that we're expected to have a better idea of our focus area, and there are a lot more opportunities to complete assignments with that focus in mind.

I'm taking:
  • The Special Library
  • Information Sources and Reference Services
  • Humanities Information Sources and Services
  • Selection and Acquisition of Library Materials
  • Oboe Studio & Lessons
Outside of school, I do have some exciting things on the docket. I have my first interview for a full-time job next week, and at the end of February I will be traveling to San Jose to speak at the Music Library Association conference. My orchestra also has some wonderful repertoire planned, including Brahms 1 and Beethoven 9.

It always seems to me that spring semesters are busier than fall semesters, and I don't think that this time around will be any different. Hopefully that means I'll have a little bit more to write about :)