Friday, March 7, 2014

The Things We Find in Music #2

When you spend hours preparing a single piece of music, you're bound to encounter some rather interesting markings left by previous musicians. My first post on this topic is one of my most popular to date, so I'm going to try to continue the series!

Here's a cute little drawing to start you off...

...followed by a polite request to one's future self.

Next, we get some conductor quotes!

Left: "It doesn't do any good to stand there like you have a big old broomstick up your butt."
Middle: "You're like a bride who didn't quite reach her wedding weight."
Right: "Clog dance. My name is Helga. I vill be your vife."

 Some musicians, like the one below, genuinely feel bad when they hurt their music and try to make amends.

And some have some very high aspirations. Dream big, buddy :)


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