Friday, September 5, 2014

"Art Lives Here," Take Three

"Art lives here." This is Interlochen's motto, and for good reason. There are literally hundreds of performances that take place during the camp season. No matter your interests, there's something for you at Interlochen. Below is a list of what I was able to experience this summer :)

6/14: Oboe faculty recital (Linda Strommen and Dan Stolper)
6/15: Oboe faculty recital (Mary Lynch)
6/22: First Gathering
6/25: Air Force Band: Airmen of Note
6/26: Air Force Band: Airmen of Note masterclass
6/27: Faculty Recital
6/28: World Youth Wind Symphony
6/29: World Youth Symphony Orchestra
7/2: Intermediate Wind Symphony & Intermediate Symphony Orchestra
7/2: High School Jazz Ensemble & Jazz Band
7/5: Interlochen Shakespeare Festival: The Tempest
7/6: World Youth Symphony Orchestra
7/7: Collage
7/8: Collage
7/13: World Youth Symphony Orchestra
7/20: Interlochen Philharmonic with Festival Choir
7/20: World Youth Symphony Orchestra
7/23: Intermediate Wind Symphony
7/23: Faculty Recital
7/24: Faculty Jazz Recital
7/26: Singer-Songwriter Recital
7/26: World Youth Wind Symphony
7/27: World Youth Symphony Orchestra
7/31: High School Musical Theatre: Les Miserables
8/3: World Youth Symphony Orchestra and Les Preludes
8/6: Adult Band Camp faculty recital
8/7: Adult Band Camp (Terry Riley's "In C")
8/9: Adult Band Camp chamber recital
8/10: Adult Band Camp

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