Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Return to Interlochen

Well, I've been on campus for about two weeks now, and it's wonderful to be back.
The lake on campus
The first week here was what we call Prep Week. We began with two days of training, and then had seven days to prepare music for the first two weeks of camp.

I have almost two hundred pages of errata to do...

...many, many parts to tape...
These are our empty tape rolls after the first day!
...and an orchestra of one hundred musicians needing music.
All of my orchestra's music for the first two concerts!
The workload for WYSO is incredibly heavy this year, and I've spent about 15 hours in the library every single day (including last Sunday, my day off). The other interns have been fantastic with helping me out when their own loads lighten up, though. One of them spent a full day at the copier for me, and almost all of them have devoted a morning or even an entire day to helping me tape parts. I wouldn't have been able to get it all done without their help (even with the complete absence of sleep), so I'm incredibly thankful to work with such a fantastic group of interns this summer.

We try to have some fun while working, and during Prep Week we liked to have movie nights. We watched Mean Girls, Amadeus, and the first installment of The Lord of the Rings. The wonderful thing about movies is that it's completely possible to erase markings, tape parts, and even do errata while watching a movie. Those nights were very productive!

We were also able to visit the Greenleaf Collection of Musical Instruments...
The Original Sousaphone
...and make an outing to Moomer's, which was voted "America's Best Scoop" of ice cream on Good Morning America a few years ago.
Photo thanks to Jacey Kepich
It's been incredibly busy, but we're starting to settle into a routine and I'm really enjoying this summer so far. We've now kicked off the camp season and we're well into Week 1, which I'll write about soon!

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