Monday, August 6, 2012

Week Five

Week Six (and core camp) is over, but it's been so busy here that I'm a bit behind with my posts.

Week Five began with a new batch of juniors, as well as new repertoire and a new conductor for WYWS. I got to see a few great performances, including the Faculty/Staff Big Band concert that I mentioned in a previous post. I was also able to attend the opening night performance of Midsummer/Jersey, which was a modern take on A Midsummer Night's Dream. It was great because I had seen the Shakespeare Festival perform the original play earlier in the summer, so I was able to make the connections between the two plays.

WYWS had their weekly concert that Saturday, with the program consisting of:

Partita - Robert Linn
Symphony in B-flat - Paul Hindemith
Galop from Moscow, Cheryomushki - Dmitri Shostakovich

The Hindemith is an incredibly difficult band piece, but the kids did a great job with it. It's not very commonly performed, so definitely give it a listen if you have the time! Here's the first movement to get you started:

Sunday was my day off, but I spent most of it on campus. Even though it was my day off, it was wildly productive. In between concert hopping, I spent a few hours in the library putting away WYWS music and preparing music for Adult Band Camp. In the span of about seven hours, I attended three concerts: the Intermediate Choir and Intermediate Vocal Arts Ensemble concert (I worked with those groups last summer so it was great to see them again!), the Interlochen Philharmonic (last movement of Mahler 1), and the World Youth Symphony Orchestra (Elgar Cello Concerto with soloist Anthony Ross and Sibelius 2). I even found some time for myself to clean my room, paint my nails, and walk the mile down the road to Bud's to get a coffee!

Things are starting to calm down here now that Les Preludes is over and almost all of the campers have left. I'll catch up with my Week Six post in the next day or two :)

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