Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Week Six

Week Six, the busiest week of camp.

It was an even week, which meant that there was a lot happening with Junior Band. Members of the Intermediate Wind Symphony joined them in rehearsal on Thursday to fill out the instrumentation, and then the combined group performed their final concert on Friday.

WYWS had their final concert of the season on Saturday. The program consisted of:

Through the Looking Glass - Jess Langston Turner
Emblems - Aaron Copland
Lux Aurumque - Eric Whitacre
L'homme arme: Variations - Christopher Marshall
The Stars and Stripes Forever - John Philip Sousa

It was an ambitious program, but I couldn't be more proud of the students. They improved so much over six short weeks, and they really came to play well together as an ensemble.

My final listening recommendation from WYWS's repertoire this summer is the Marshall.

All music students know the famous L'Homme Arme:

Now, check out Christopher Marshall's Variations for a new look at an old melody. There are several different recordings available on his website:

The highlight of Week Six, of course, was Les Preludes. But more about that to come!

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