Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mission Point

Most of the librarians have Monday afternoons off. We work incredibly hard, so this week we decided to do something special -- tour the wineries at Mission Point!

We began at the very tip of the point at the lighthouse and beach. The lake has receded over the last few years, leaving a "martian land" between the sand and the lake.

We then proceeded to visit five wineries:

2 Lads...

Chateau Chantal...

Bowers Harbor Vineyards...

Peninsula Cellars...

They have a wine called Detention, and their advertisement was writing lines on the board:
"I will only drink good wine!"
and Chateau Grand Traverse.

The entire area was absolutely gorgeous. Exploring was an amazing way to spend the afternoon.

And now... it's back to work. I have a stack of Copland parts calling my name :)

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