Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Week Three

Another week down. Camp is officially halfway done!

Monday brought a new batch of juniors, and, with it, entirely different instrumentation. In the last session we had five trumpets and one flute, but this time we have five flutes and no trumpets! The differing enrollment is challenging to work with, but it's a great bunch of kids and the conductor is fantastic with them.

Week Three also brings Collage, which is advertised as a one hour sampler of all that Interlochen offers. Performances included a harp ensemble, scenes from theater and musical theater productions, the World Youth Wind Symphony and World Youth Symphony Orchestra, the Jazz Ensemble, creative writing readings, dance performances, and chamber groups. It's an incredibly busy few days, with the dress rehearsal on Monday night and the performance on Tuesday night, but the end result is fantastic. See for yourself:

On Friday, I worked the intermediate band and orchestra concert. The Intermediate Concert Orchestra librarian was out of the state for a wedding and job interview, so I stood in for her and collected the orchestra's music after the concert (which, if I may add, is much more difficult than it sounds!). Although I had been to the intermediate concerts many times, I had never actually worked with the group, so it was a new experience for me. 

Saturday was, of course, WYWS's weekly concert with ISB, which was to be webcast live. WYWS had another great program:

Riff Raff - Ryan George
Lauda - Steve Danyew
Traveler - David Maslanka

Sunday was my day off, and a wonderfully relaxing one. I started off the day in the library, breaking down ICO folders and doing a bit of organizational work. I then went on a hike with one of the music reference interns. We hiked around a lake, and it was gorgeous. We'll definitely be going back!

I ended the day by attending the Interlochen Philharmonic and World Youth Symphony Orchestra concerts. It was awesome for two reasons: 1) I had never been close enough to campus to make it to an IP concert before, and 2) WYSO played Firebird. It was the 1911 version of Firebird, too, which was incredible to see because it's not performed nearly as often as the 1919 version.

Each week seems to be getting better and better, and Week Four is already off to a fantastic start. I'll post again soon about the adventures from yesterday's afternoon off :)

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