Sunday, July 8, 2012

Week Two

Week Two was quite a bit busier than the first week, mostly due to the switching of juniors and the preparation of new WYWS music.

I have Monday afternoons off. After attending my morning rehearsals and packing up the rental pieces from the first concert, I headed to the Sleeping Bear Dunes with one of the other ensemble librarians. Making the climb was more difficult than it looks (especially if, like me, you're not at all used to walking in sand!), but I'm proud to say I made it to the top :)

Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty ordinary and I followed my normal schedule.

On Thursday, things began to get interesting. Junior Band was joined in rehearsal by members of the Intermediate Wind Symphony. Junior Band has pretty sporadic enrollment, so sometimes we end up with odd instrumentation. This session, we had only one flute player and no low brass players! Some of the intermediates join the juniors in concert so that all parts are covered. New players of course means extra music, but preparing and distributing it went very smoothly. The intermediates handled the situation extremely well, which of course helped!

On Thursday night, I was able to attend the Shakespeare Festival's production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. I had read this particular play multiple times in school, but it was my first time seeing a Shakespeare play live and it made all the difference. I really enjoyed the performance and I'm glad that I got a new experience :)

Friday was the day of the junior concert. Junior Band joined the three other junior ensembles for a final concert. Each ensemble performed very well, and it was encouraging to see young kids performing at that level. Also, adorable!

Saturday was an incredibly busy day. Students in WYWS receive two weeks of music at a time so that they can practice farther in advance, and Saturday was the day new music was to be distributed. For Weeks Three and Four, WYWS has about a dozen pieces, so preparing all of that music and booking those folders was quite the adventure!

On Saturday night, WYWS again had a concert along with ISB. It was another great program, consisting of Avelynn's Lullaby by Joel Puckett (composer in residence) and an arrangement of Respighi's Pines of Rome.

I have always loved Pines of Rome, particularly the last movement (Pines of the Appian Way), so I was very excited when I found out that it was on my band's program. I'd highly recommend giving this arrangement a listen!

Today, I got the opportunity to attend the Cherry Festival in Traverse City, see the air show, look through the crafts fair, and explore downtown. We headed back to campus in time to see WYSO perform Pictures at an Exhibition. It was the perfect way to spend my day off!

New music is ready for the session of Junior Band beginning tomorrow, a new conductor is arriving to work with WYWS tomorrow, and I have finally unearthed my desk because all of the music that was strewn all over it is prepared and distributed. Looking forward to a fantastic Week Three!

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