Saturday, August 10, 2013

Les Preludes

Les Preludes is the final, and most important, performance of the summer. All of the students in the high school ensembles (World Youth Symphony Orchestra, Interlochen Philharmonic, and World Youth Wind Symphony) come together after the final WYSO concert of the summer to play Liszt's tone poem Les Preludes.
Tuesday night Les Preludes rehearsal

As I mentioned in my last post, Les Preludes requires two extra rehearsals. The first is on Tuesday evening, and the second is on Saturday morning at 7am.
Saturday morning Les Preludes rehearsal
Although this is the last time that the musicians play together, this performance also represents new beginnings. It's an extremely emotional event, and afterwards it's incredibly common to see students crying and hugging one another, all while trying to take some last minute photos before leaving camp in the morning.

Reserved seating
For ensemble librarians, it's one of our biggest challenges of the summer. Getting music back from students is difficult enough, but getting it back from 350 students in the midst of the chaos following the performance adds a whole new level of difficulty!

Reserved seating
However, we do get the perk of reserved seating! Immediately following the performance, every librarian (including reference interns) springs into action. As WYSO librarian and a two-time Les Preludes veteran, it was my job to plan our strategy. Every librarian was assigned an exit to The Bowl, and we went to our assigned exits and collected music from every student as they left the venue.

It was another smooth year, and I'm so grateful for my co-workers and all of their wonderful work in making it such a success!
As always, the performance was fantastic and its symbolism was powerful.

To the end of one chapter, and the beginning of the next.
Les Preludes

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