Wednesday, August 7, 2013

WYSO, Week 5

In the high school division, students audition every two weeks for the chance to change orchestras and/or chair placements. Week 5 began the final rotation, which meant that the last set of music went out!

WYSO folders for the final rotation, Weeks 5 and 6

Week 5 also brought a new guest conductor to the podium. Andreas Delfs, conductor laureate of the Milwaukee Symphony, led the orchestra in a performance of Wagner's Flying Dutchman Overture and Brahms's Second Symphony.

The biggest surprise came before the concert. Traditionally, it is the orchestra librarian's job to collect the conductor's scores and place them on the podium. When I found Maestro Delfs before the concert, he told me that he was not going to use scores for the performance. A member of the stage crew removed the conductor's stand from the stage, and many of the musicians' eyes widened. It was the first time that many people, myself included, had seen a conductor perform an entire concert without his scores! (For more about conducting from memory, I recommend reading Paul Hostetter's blog post on the topic.)

By this point of the summer, things had settled in to a routine. The final auditions were complete, and we still had a week until Les Preludes. Campus was pretty relaxed, and we even had the chance to celebrate Christmas in July! Stage Services had a Christmas tree, and its decorations evolved throughout the day. Week 5 was the calm before the storm :)

Stage Services's Christmas tree at 8am
Stage Services's Christmas tree at 11am

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