Thursday, August 8, 2013

WYSO, Week 6

A rainy rehearsal in The Bowl
Each year that I've worked at Interlochen, Week 6 has been the busiest. The high school ensembles have two extra rehearsals for Les Preludes, the final performance of the season, and the high school orchestras have an extra rehearsal on Monday, which is traditionally their day off. It's a busy time for everyone on campus, and this year was no different!

For the final WYSO performance of the summer, Jung-Ho Pak returned to the podium. He led the orchestra in a performance of Stella Sung's Loco-Motion and the Prelude and Liebestod from Wagner's Tristan und Isolde.

Although Loco-Motion had been written two years earlier, we still had a few changes to the music, including a new ending to the piece that had been written for us by the composer. The new ending was written after the music had been distributed, so I had to coordinate changing the last page of every musician's part. It was great to communicate with the conductor, and the collaboration between the composer, conductor, and librarian was a great learning experience. The piece came together quite nicely, and you can listen to the recording at the composer's website.

Jung-Ho Pak conducting the World Youth Symphony Orchestra
Joined by soprano soloist Molly Fillmore, the Wagner was the final piece that WYSO 2013 would play together. Although technically it was among the easiest pieces of the summer, it was one of the most challenging musically. It was a great test of concentration and musical maturity, and the musicians delivered.
The World Youth Symphony Orchestra with soprano soloist Molly Fillmore
As is tradition, WYSO's final concert was followed by Les Preludes. I'll discuss that in more detail in my next post!
Jung-Ho Pak conducting the World Youth Symphony Orchestra

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